Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sex with the notes of my Heart-s-t-r-I-n-g-s

His voice bellows heart shaped smoke puffs into the ears of tone deaf innocence. 
It echoes demands yet reciprocates mere promises filled with morning sex and eye wining...quick sand for me...mt. Everest for him. 
His wishes my coded order... No god should be kept waiting....but what happens to a lonely soul yearning a chemistry no alchemist could ever conger ....to a heart with only one vein left to pump ... To a tear rolling off the cheeks of eve and down the loins of Adam. Her cries muffled in the inward stroke of his master piece... She's dying.experience and intuition are becoming to be best of friends and her occipitals finally doing their rightful duty.allowing her to see the sea of illusions she herself has painting full of right turns, road bumps, double u turns, and snakes....lies just lies. They feed my craving waters and Arouse my curious eyes...your just another gray area god passing through the fountain of youth . Your lucky ...not many find it. And ironically the ones that do always forget its pricelessness... It's sacredness... It's treasure. I guess I needed to have one drop left to realize you've sucked me dry... To realize you were a mere peasant  who just happened to come across my leaky faucet. You fixed my problem  by causing more. You showed me your true voice ....your cowardice stance... And your sippy cup. My nipple a replica of your old bottle... My ears your new teething toy... My ass your drum set... My pussy... Your source of exploration and two fold digging. Your findings...you took for yourself and didn't bother to ask permission. Your source you would never mention. My name slurred into the lips of a shady habitual. You press for my talents and gifts...not for me. Now... Let me play my last heart string... A lonely note yes... But one with much to vibrate into the existence of reborn gods. One heart ...destined to change everything...

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