Thursday, December 19, 2013

For those who sucked me dry...

Life? Life is a bunch of chaos ...and love ... Love is the wildest ride alive... But if you're not careful ...it will rot you from the inside out... And when you look in the mirror ... You will start to see it. Like a parasite... Love ...it will start to feed on you... and you can't part from it because this parasite is connected so deep that if you were to remove it you would Kill yourself... And there you would lie... Lifeless and confused... Wondering what ever happened to that soul You loved so dear that etched you a smile while you dripped out a tear. And your higher self will respond ... It killed you. You're dead and that's why you're here. You let it suck you dry... Drained you, to your last drip. And before you could say a word, you were gone. Poof, you disappeared. And in your place lie a demented will, cold from within and without a fear. It broke all ties you wouldn't and did all things you feared. 

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